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How To Make My Business Profile Look Professional. - SOCIAL MEDIA FOR STARTUPS

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Social media is becoming one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. It provides unbelievable benefits that can help your business to reach a far wider audience spreading across the globe. The growing need for a professional profile across the major platforms is becoming more and more apparent. In 2019 Its not enough to just have a social media presence but you need to make sure it looks GREAT!

With 93% of people saying that visuals affect their purchase decision its paramount that your business looks incredible. You need to make sure that you grab your audiences attention and give them something that will stick to remember you by.

The easiest way to ensure your Business profiles look AMAZING is to have a complete asset pack that beautifully portrays your brand.

What is an Asset Pack?

An Asset Pack contains all your profile pictures and cover photos for your social platforms. They're often the first thing a person sees when first discovering your business through social media. There's no right or wrong as to what they should contain but you should ensure that they're:

- High quality

- Individually sized for relevant platforms

- Functional on both desktop and mobile

- Contain your business name branding/brand logo

High Quality

Its the easiest thing to get RIGHT. There is no point in going to the effort of designing a great asset pack if the end result is blurry or pixelated. Ensure your resolution is at a good level (300 dpi is a good base but always check the ideal resolution for the task). If you're using images make sure they're good quality (not just quick phone snaps).Its not the end of the world if you do but we advise against using stock images as they can look very out of place, especially if you're a small startup.


With the parameters of some social media platforms your are limited to the file size you can upload so make sure you find the balance of good quality and reasonable file size.

Individually Sized

Each platform has its own dimensions to adhere to so it is IMPORTANT that all your assets are purpose built. Don't be tempted to try and take shortcuts by creating a 'one size fits all image'. It may take a little extra time but it will definitely be worth it when you see how STUNNING your channels look.

Functional on Desktop and Mobile

With nearly 80% of internet usage being from mobile devices in 2018 its an absolute must for your assets to work on both desktop and mobile. Always check how each platform displays your images.

See how Youtube's dimensions cut down your cover image depending on what device you use. You need to make sure your key information is contained within the Safe area to ensure it is visible on all devices.

Contain your Name/Branding/Logo

Now this one isn't a necessity but we highly recommend including your business name, branding or logo within your social media assets. As a small business you want to make sure you're reinforcing your business name and branding at every opportunity. It doesn't have to cover the entire image, as long as its on there somewhere it will be that consistency that helps to give a lasting impression.

Need a professional Asset pack?

Check out our Social media Tune-Up package. We will create a bespoke asset pack to tie in your key social media accounts and ensure your business is looking tip top across all platforms. Alongside this we optimise your bio/about sections, linking to your website and other key platforms.


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